Lisa and Mike at Summerset Festival in Littleton Colorado.  Photo complements of Uhli Photography

About Us

Our Company

Bosleys Goods is owned and operated by Lisa Syverson in Lakewood, Colorado. Lisa comes from a family that strongly believes in adopting shelter animals and giving them a loving home.  She has had at least one adopted dog sharing her home her entire life.  Family gatherings often have as many pets as people in attendance.  

Bosley’s Goods began when Lisa and her husband Mike were looking at the many photos they had taken of their pets over the years and they thought it would be fun to make pillows with amusing photos of their dogs on them. When other people saw the pillows, they wanted one for their home too.

Our Products

We print your favorite photo on a custom, silky-soft sofa pillow.  Each one is truly unique and made to order, just for you.  We use a special printing technology that ensures longterm colorfastness and exceptional image quality. We also have a line of Colorado Pet stickers, jewelry and tee shirts. Our products are made in the USA.

Charitable Giving

We here at Bosley Beds are big advocates for humane treatment of animals and pet adoption.  We support a variety of animal charities by volunteering and donating to their cause.

10% of the proceeds from each Bosley’s Goods sale benefits the Colorado Pet Pantry.  A food bank for family pets.  We also volunteer our time for this and other animal charities.


Our Quality Control Specialist

  • G.G. (short for Good Girl)

  • Breed - “Danish” Dane/Border Collie

  • Adopted From - Big Dogs Huge Paws



In Loving Memory of Molly, the Mollster, Mollerson 2008 - 2018

Molly Camping in Estes Park, Colorado

Molly Camping in Estes Park, Colorado

In Loving Memory of Bosley, Boz, "B"
2005 - 2018

Breed - Great Aussinees
Great Pyrenees/Aussie Mix
Adopted From - Maxfund

Bosley showing off his  Colorado Pet Pantry  bandanna.

Bosley showing off his Colorado Pet Pantry bandanna.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
— Roger Caras